Bookkeeping Services


Accounting Software Setup

First and foremost, we will set up and customize the accounting software to suit your business needs.  In addition to updating and managing your software, our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor can teach you the process so you'll be more familiar moving forward.

Data Entry

We can enter your data the manually, the old-fashion way, or we can connect with your bank account using QuickBooks so that the data is imported daily.  You decide, we can do either

Bank reconciliation

We will review all transactions from the bank and credit card statements to match the transactions in your accounting software.

Zero-Based Budgeting

Create a budget where you can allocate income and expense to a specific category.  Your budget will be zero.  You will understand where your money is going down to the penny.

Cash flow PRojections

These help you to better understand where your cash is coming in from and where it's predominantly being spent.  This can be done on a monthly or daily basis depending on your need.

Custom Financial Reports

A Profit and Loss Statement (also known as Income Statement) is a report that illustrates your profit and loss.


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Ratio Analysis

We apply several important techniques to evaluate your business and the financial statements.  Ratios are critical in helping to                                                             determine the health of your business.

Accounts Payable & Receivable Analysis

Do you know the average time it takes you to pay a vendor?  How quickly are your customers paying you?  The answers to these questions are great indicators on how the business is performing.

Adivsor Services

Are you not sure what to do with all of the information and data you've gathered?  This is where we can help analyze the data so you can make smart, informed decisions about your business.

Establish Policies & Procedures

We will work closely with you to discover efficient ways to transform your bookkeeping process from a disorganized state of disarray to a more manageable and streamlined approach.

Comprehensive Overview

Once we have set up your accounting system and established policies and procedures, we can then provide you with an accurate overview of your business.